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These terms of use, along with our privacy policy and other referenced documents (collectively referred to as the “Agreement”), govern the use of EduWobia’s platform (“Platform”). By accessing or using the Platform, you agree to comply with these terms and policies, which apply to both our Course & Content creators (“Tutors”) and our end-users (“Students”).

1. License to Tutors & Students

EduWobia grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to access and use our Platform for personal and commercial purposes. This license is solely for your use and may not be assigned or sublicensed without the express written consent of EduWobia. You agree not to engage in any activity that would reproduce, redistribute, sell, create derivative works from, decompile, reverse engineer, or disassemble the Platform. All rights not expressly granted are reserved by EduWobia.

2. Code of Conduct

To ensure a positive experience for all users, we have established the following guidelines:

a. No Illegal Activity: Do not use the Platform for any illegal activity, violating any applicable state, local, or international laws.

b. No Bots, Data Mining, Extraction or Sharing: Prohibited activities include data mining, robots, or any method to extract and circulate data, media, content, materials, files, or text hosted on the Platform.

c. No Fraud: Fraudulent activities are strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated.

d. No Bad Code: Transmitting viruses, worms, or any destructive code is prohibited.

e. No Spamming: Avoid sending spam to anyone on the Platform, including Tutors and Students.

f. Be Civil: Maintain respectful and civil conduct when using the Platform, irrespective of differing subject matters.

g. No Exploitation: Gathering personal information on anyone beyond permissible uses for offering your Content is not allowed.

Violation of the Code of Conduct may result in the removal of your Content and access from the Platform, at our discretion.

3. Coaching

Tutors may offer Coaching in addition to courses. Coaching is considered part of the Content and is covered by this Agreement. EduWobia is not responsible for third-party content in Coaching and makes no guarantees regarding its merchantability or fitness for use. The Creator is solely responsible for delivering Coaching.

4. General Rights in Operating the Platform

EduWobia retains the following rights over the entire platform:

a. Monitoring content and conduct on the Platform.

b. Modifying, changing, altering, suspending, or terminating any provision of this Agreement without prior notice.

5. Pricing on Store

EduWobia is not responsible for setting the pricing of Content on the Store. Prices are set by the Creator and any reseller.

6. Errors and Corrections

EduWobia does not guarantee that the Platform or its services will be error-free, reliable, or accessible at all times. We may make improvements or changes to the Platform, and any errors in Content are the responsibility of the Creator.

We reserve the right to amend the Platform and its services without notice. We will not be liable if the Platform is unavailable at any time. We may restrict access to the Platform as needed.

By using EduWobia’s Platform, you agree to abide by these terms and policies. Please review them regularly as they are subject to change. Your continued use of the Platform constitutes your acceptance of any updates or modifications.

If you have any questions or concerns about these terms, please contact us at [Insert Contact Information].

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