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You can easily reach your ideal students on our platform and start teaching here. You can design lesson plans, and share assignments.


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Monetize your passion: Build valuable connections, master your craft, and earn a living doing what you love. Build your credibility and brand.

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Ignite Your Teaching & Coaching Business with EduWobia! Experience a seamless interface, powerful marketing tools, and advanced analytics tailored for coaches. Connect with a vibrant community and unlock your coaching potential. Join us and transform your coaching business today.

All-in-One Solution

An app-based platform that enables professionals to have a big impact on the world of online coaching and teaching. Our goal is to support one million specialists in their commercial endeavors.

Ease of Doing Business

We wish to relieve you of the strain of dealing with the technicalities, necessary procedures, and daily operations. You focus on your coaching and we’ll take care of the rest.

Personalized Support & Technical Assistance

We provide quick personalized support, free mentorship, and quick technical assistance. So that we can grow together.

3-Quick Things!

You may be excited to know about EduWobia

1. App Based Ready to Start Platform

EduWobia is an App-based and ready-to-start platform where you can kick-start your online teaching & coaching business and create a huge impact. Here, we are on a mission to help one million experts succeed in their teaching/coaching/consulting businesses.

2. Leverage Automation & AI

We understand better that fulfilling your dreams & desires is highly important for you, not just sticking to lots of technicality, critical processes, day-to-day operations, and doing & everything by yourself. Here, you can have the freedom and opportunity to achieve all this for yourself. We’ll do everything for you and you just focus on your teaching/coaching business.

3. Follow Strong Processes & Systems

We also believe in building strong systems & processes that give the best results without spending lots of energy, time, and money on developing & sharing lots of content, paid ads, and spending on expensive & recurring tools. You can achieve it in a sharp shooting style by communicating the real value of your program.


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Amit Dagar
Professional Growth Opportunities!
EduWobia supports educators with continuous professional development, fostering growth through workshops and collaborative networks.
Amit Dagar – Digital Coach & Consultanat
Aditya Kumar
Resourceful Curriculum and Tools!
Getting cutting-edge teaching materials, advanced tools, and a dynamic curriculum to enhance effectiveness in the delivery of my coaching.
Aditya Kumar – Career Coach
Deepak Dahiya
Sales and Revenue Support!
EduWobia assists educators in maximizing their impact by offering sales and revenue growth support through innovative programs, ensuring financial success in their educational ventures.
Deepak Dahiya – Video & YouTube Growth Coach
Kamal Kant
Recognition and Community Appreciation!
EduWoba recognizes and celebrates educators’ achievements, creating a community that appreciates their contributions and motivates continued excellence in teaching.
Kamal Kant – Sales Coach​

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1. How can I create a course on EduWobia?

You must register as an instructor on EduWobia before you can develop a course there. Then, you must get permission for your course proposal. Using the course creation tools on EduWobia, you can begin generating your course material after it has been authorized. To make your course interesting and effective, you can incorporate video lectures, tests, and other interactive components. When your course is finished, you can publish it on EduWobia and begin collecting money from student registrations.

2. How can I engage with my students on EduWobia?

You can utilize the course dashboard to reply to student queries and comments to interact with them on EduWobia. Additionally, you can make announcements to inform your students of how the course is going or to give extra resources to improve their learning. Additionally, you may use the course review option to get student feedback and enhance your course material.

3. How can I promote my course on EduWobia?

You can improve your course title, description, and keywords on EduWobia to market your course and increase enrollment. To connect with your current audience and advertise your course, you can also use social media and email marketing. You may also take advantage of EduWobia’s promos and discount plans to draw in more students and boost enrollments.

4. How can I improve my course rating on EduWobia?

You can concentrate on producing excellent course material that satisfies your students’ needs and expectations to raise your course rating on EduWobia. You can interact with your pupils and swiftly address their comments and inquiries. By delivering outstanding customer service and rewards or prizes for submitting reviews, you can further entice your students to leave favorable ratings.

5. How can I monetize my course on EduWobia?

You can determine the cost of your course on EduWobia and make money from student enrollments to monetize your course. With the revenue share model that EduWobia offers, you may share in the earnings from students who enroll in your courses. You can also leverage EduWobia’s discount and promotion schemes to draw in more students and boost your income.

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